Dynamic Personalized Interactive Video

Video personalization isn’t an option in today’s noise filled era. It’s a mandate. Across channels and devices, consumers are more likely to act, buy, and recommend when marketers serve up messaging that’s tailored to their wants and needs.

You will love and profit from our dynamic personalized video technology that integrates information from Linkedin, Facebook, and various autoresponders. Once permission is given from the viewer, our technology can incorporate name, email, photo, and location as part of the video.  The viewer feels the content was created just for them. In addition, by using our lead generation system, call to action forms are automatically filled out for your viewers.

Email campaigns can include even more personalized video information if you wish.

We will create a paradigm shift in your communication and marketing.

Personalized Video Demos:

The videos demonstrate our ability to integrate social media profile information of a viewer right into the video. To view your personalized video you may need to connect with LinkedIn or Facebook (click on the corresponding icon, your choice) and then authorize our video player to create your individual video.

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