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From Inside Your Videos With This ONE Powerful Technology

Experience the Power of Interactive Video with In the digital age, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. At, we offer a revolutionary solution – interactive video technology. This powerful tool can skyrocket your video clicks, leads, and sales in just minutes, giving your business the growth it deserves.

Effortless Lead Generation

Our interactive video technology allows you to embed clickable opt-in forms directly into your videos, eliminating the need for viewers to redirect to an external page. This seamless integration has proven to significantly increase lead generation. How well does it work?

SGOSS used interactive video to generate 3,144 leads in 30 days from a single campaign – it also decreased the cost per lead by 900%

Boost Sales Conversions with Personalized Experiences

Interactive video technology allows viewers to choose the products and information they’re interested in, creating a personalized experience that significantly boosts sales conversions.
Maybelline has used interactive video to get purchase rates 14X HIGHER than the industry average.

Enhance Customer Engagement with Interactive Content

Interactive video technology isn’t just for sales and marketing. It’s also a powerful tool for customer support and training. By linking multiple training or demo videos together, customers can self-select the help they need, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.
Samsung leverages interactive video for customer support by showing people how to get the most out of their new cameras.

Uncover Key Buying Triggers Of Your Prospects & Customers

Easily determine demographics & specific behaviours of your viewers – valuable intel to increase marketing conversions.

Toyota uses interactive video specifically to collect key marketing data about its prospects.

Build Massive Buzz For Upcoming Promotions

Interactive video is a powerful, automated way to promote your product launches, special promos or flash sales.

The engagement levels with this format can translate into much higher ROI.

Warner Brothers saw average viewers spend over 8 minutes interacting with one of its pre-launch videos.

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Video marketing is tougher than ever.

You can blame social media, competition & short attention spans

Whatever the reasons, marketers are struggling with video engagement, click rates, conversions and profits.

Most people look at these problems with their “marketing glasses” on. And try to fix each issue one by one, often with the latest video creation software.

This can work, until it doesn’t.

Once viewers get used to the latest effects, they start to tune them out

It’s Not Them. It’s US.

Here’s The Fix.

When we stop thinking like marketers and start thinking like video viewers, great things happen.

By improving viewer experience,  our results improve as well – across the board

Fast & sustained increases in clicks, conversions & profits just by solving the core issue of engagement.

​That’s exactly what’s multiactive interactive video technology does for you!

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The Fastest Way To Increase Profits?

Get out of your customers way.

Traditional, non-interactive video is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that we hope connects with most of our viewers.

Even if prospects want to take action, they’re redirected AWAY from the video to external forms, links and pages.

These barriers to action are proven to kill conversion rates.

Interactive video lets people self-select their viewing experience …

Choose the content & products they want to see … 

Getting YOU a huge boost in engagement instantly.

With clickable hotspots, forms, buttons & more … interactive video eliminates traditional barriers to action …

Delivering you an INCREASE in conversions you were only able to dream about before now!

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Your Unfair Advantage – Results with

Interactive video is unstoppable technology.

Just like mobile & social video became essential years ago, interactive videos are now dominating marketing.

Get in front of the tech today for a massive advantage over your competition and leverage the biggest shift in video marketing since the iPhone.

Interactive video technology is the future of video marketing. Don’t get left behind – contact us today to discover how can transform your video marketing strategy and drive your business growth.”


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