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Instead of boring passive video, present your viewers with futuristic engaging interactive video! Our technology lets the viewer direct the flow of the story, choose the content they wish to see, as well as, receive further information from a video presentation. The business or organization can receive contact details from a new customer with call to action forms we can overlay right on the video. Now you can email customers coupons, special offers, additional information and more, automatically right from the video.  Additionally, “Buy Now” , email , phone, skype, whatsapp call buttons, popups, dynamic text, and more can appear as overlays on the video. We can create educational, advertising, training, brand awareness, documentaries. and many other types of interactive videos for you in the style of Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ most talked about episode! Our interactive technologies can be added to videos you have filmed or we can produce the videos for you as well. We will create a paradigm shift in your communication, marketing, training, story telling, lead generation, and more with our capabilities at your command.

Here are a few Interactive video samples:

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